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Owen Oakley

Owen Oakley

Owen Oakley

Owen Oakley’s Latest Releases

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“This book was full of action, love, and a whole lot of betrayal. I know it was just released but I’m already ready for the sequels, there are a lot of storylines that I cannot wait to see how they play out This book does a great job of getting you ready for future novels, right down to the cliffhanger at the end.”

- The Laws of Chaos, Book

Kristen J, Reader

“This book right here…I’ve been glued to! If you like crime drama, this is your book. My talented classmate is the author. I love that her books have a strong woman being the main character. Support another strong woman and buy all her books! Like her page Owen Oakley and support.”

- The Laws of Chaos, Book

Auston E, Reader

Ricardo W, Reader

“Absolutely loved it. The language and dialogue were amazing. I found myself visualizing the story as I read it.

- A Queen Among Kings, Book

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