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Owen Oakley

Owen Oakley is my pen name. I've been writing since fifth grade. I wrote short stories and found them very rewarding and after that I was hooked on the worlds my mind created.


As children, we are all blessed with vivid imaginations, but as we grow older we transition out of those things. For a select few of us, it tags along into adulthood. I've always been my happiest when I write, creating a world for readers to explore and lose themselves in. My first novel was an amazing journey. I look forward to repeating it with other novels.


I not only write short stories and novels but screenplays and will embark upon my first documentary film series. Mother to the coolest 12-year old son I could ever have, and mother to four fur babies (2 cats: Leo & Gemini; 2 dogs: Wiggles and Coco Chanel).


Life is too short to base your career solely on money, it should be whatever makes you happy; it's only then you will never work a day in your life.

Hometown: Meridian, MS

A product of Meridian Pubic School District of Meridian, MS, Meridian Community College, & Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS

Author, Screenwriter, & Filmmaker

Owen Oakley

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