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Alabama's Moonshine Queen Full Cover.jpg
Alabama’s Moonshine Queen Front Cover.png

The Queen of Shine.

Cover Design By

Owen Oakley

Clay County Alabama is the last remaining dry county, and that won’t do. Olivia Norland, or Lady O’ to most people, grew up around lawbreakers her entire life. She was no exception to the rule. With police officers and politicians in her back pocket; she controls them like the queen they’ve deemed her to be.


Things quickly change when a new Chief of Police named Wallace Daughtler comes to town with zero tolerance for crimes and their criminals. Confident that she can use her charm to bait him to the other side backfires when she falls in love with him.


With rising competition, she’s forced to take her crimes to another level, all while operating under Wallace’s radar.


Millions in revenue and a huge empire built from a backwoods distillery, selling the best shine on this side of Alabama. Now, her tactics must be like the whiskey she makes, 100% proof. 

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