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A Queen Among Gods

Cover Design By
Owen Oakley

Gods Among Us.

Sixteen years later, Adanya has her hands full. She’s the Queen of three kingdoms merged into one to form the new Chawa, a wife to her childhood best friend Salim, and a mother to three children. Not only did she survive her past, but she has flourished and happiness has become her, at least until... someone awakened the ancient Gods. 

Never mind the awakening, the immortals have learned; the people have forgotten them, with only minor power to fuel them. Tau, Adanya’s nephew, is back and with a specific agenda; consume all that she loves.

The divinities are just a pawn to his master plan, but everyone knows African Gods are never to be crossed, lied to, or manipulated. 

Bayo, Adanya’s father figure, and her father’s former royal advisor and a close friend have a secret of his own that will make her question everything she’s ever known. Once again, Adanya finds herself in an uphill battle with gods; the first trial was nothing compared to what she will encounter this time. 

Family, legacy, and badass deities.

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