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A Hitman’s Love Cover_PNG.png

Cover Design by
Owen Oakley

Mafia Romance Novella

Part of the Chaos Series

Giovanni De Luca is naturally a complicated man, factor in him being a Prince Mafioso of Italy to one of the notorious mafias in the world, and now hitman for M9, then things get interesting. But like most men, he just needs the love of a good woman. So, when Cassandra Blair comes into the picture he doesn’t expect to fall dangerously in love with her and is willing to risk everything, including his life.

Cassandra's love, kindness, and desire for him makes her hard to give up and easy for him to love. Can he have it all or must he decide between being in THE family or having a family?

But where there's love, there's also jealousy and envy.

A mafia romance full of so much love it's able to melt the deadliest killer's ice-cold heart.

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