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Where Can I Buy Origami Owl Jewelry

A lover of jewelry, Bella has many memories of making jewelry at bead stores with her mom at the beach. Inspired, Bella began selling personalizable lockets, or living lockets, at home sale parties and boutiques.

where can i buy origami owl jewelry


Following such great success with home selling, Bella upgraded her business to a kiosk at the local mall. While working at the kiosk, Bella encountered many customers who asked how they could purchase her jewelry in their hometown.

Origami Owl is an American privately owned multi-level marketing[3] custom jewelry company operating in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. The company was founded in 2010 by Isabella "Bella" Weems at the age of 14. The company has over 60,000 independent sales consultants who buy materials and tools from the company and sell products to individuals, primarily at in-house sales parties. The main product is the "Living Locket", a clear-faced hollow pendant which can be filled with a variety of charms that are meant to tell a story.

Weems originally used vintage glass lockets purchased online and pieces of jewelry, gems, and others objects to fill them.[6] Chrissy and Bella Weems began selling the lockets at parties at their home and in 2011 rented a kiosk in the mall to sell from.[6] Unable to pay rent, they received a loan from a family friend that allowed them to continue their business long enough to generate enough revenue.[6] After one and a half years, they transformed the company into a direct sales model.[6]

The company runs a direct sales model that uses independent sales consultants.[6] The company sells materials and tools to the consultants and receives a percentage of their profits.[6] As of 2015, the company sells through more than 60,000 independent sales consultants (which the company calls "independent designers"), primarily using in-home parties.[1][7] Consultants buy kits from the company, including chains, charms, and lockets, and make their own jewelry to sell.[1]

It is rare to find a jewelry company that would grant customers complete control over how they would like their jewelry to turn out and this is exactly what sets Origami Owl apart from other jewelry companies in the industry. 041b061a72


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