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Buy Lobster Direct From Fishermen

The Lobster 207 Association helps our Maine lobstermen by putting them directly in front of customers and whole industries that appreciate fresh, sustainable catches. That way, our lobstermen can focus on what they do best: catching and harvesting high quality lobsters.

buy lobster direct from fishermen

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We take pride in sourcing all of our seafood locally. We know the area, and we know the people. We buy lobsters directly from fishermen, sort them out, and ship them right to you. All of our staff are Maine residents. This is important because we grew up in the seafood industry, and things that are common knowledge for locals may be unknown to someone new to the area. That's why we think experience matters when you have to decide on where to buy seafood online. Having people that understand the local seafood market make a difference in quality. We know what to look for. We sort through all of our seafood by hand at our quality control center. We have a state of the art lobster holding tank, which ensures your lobster will be in great condition upon arrival. What you may want to learn about is our competition, most of these companies are not in Maine. They may say they are from Maine or in Maine, but most are marketing companies from Chicago. One competitor is actually located in Rhode Island and still advertises a Maine lobster! We are a Maine company with Maine people. When you buy from a Maine company, you support Maine's local economy. I understand we all want to help our own communities, however, we are a proud sponsor of the Lobster Institute, and you can rest assured some of our profits go to support sustainable lobster fishing. We pride ourselves in supporting long-term industry growth over short term profits. We sell only wild-caught Maine lobsters and we can get a lobster party together for your family or event.

All of our lobsters are sorted by hand. Matt Snow, a local lobsterman from a family of fishermen, manages our lobster handling. He understands sustainability and the difference between a good lobster and a bad lobster. We sort through every lobster by hand so you know your box is carefully packed.

Luke's Lobster first opened its doors in NYC in 2009. We now bring traceable, sustainable seafood to guests across the country in our shacks, in grocery stores, and shipped nationwide to your doorstep. We work directly with fishermen to hand pick the best seafood, bring it straight to our own seafood company to steam and pick it perfectly, and then ship directly to our shacks and customers. Cutting out the middleman means better tasting seafood for you to enjoy and a fairer price for our fishermen.

Use the Rhode Island Seafood Map to can easily find seafood markets, fishermen, and lobstermen who are selling directly to the public. By buying local seafood, you are stimulating the state's economy, supporting fishermen, and eating a healthy food source. Thank you for your interest!

There are two lobster seasons on Prince Edward Island each year, one in the spring (May - June) and one in the fall (mid-August to mid-October). If you visit during these times you can get lobster right off the boat as long as the fisher has a peddler's permit. In most harbours the fishers bring the lobster to buyers where they unload them from the boat. Many of these lobster buyers are equipped to sell directly to consumers so feel free to approach them to see whether this is an option.

Dawn Kotowicz, social science and extension specialist for Rhode Island Sea Grant, and Gabby Bradt, marine fisheries program specialist for New Hampshire Sea Grant, recently presented their research on direct sales and challenges for Rhode Island and New Hampshire lobstermen during the pandemic as part of the Sea Grant Lobster Initiative. Their research, which is ongoing, seeks to understand how lobstermen in the two states have responded to COVID-19 industry shutdowns.

Rhode Island fishermen had been able to sell crab and lobster directly off their boats before the pilot program, so long as they obtained an endorsement from RIDEM, but the new license would allow for more freedom in their methods of sales.

To find out how fishermen had adapted to direct sales during the pandemic, Bradt and Kotowicz began the lengthy process of survey development. Other Sea Grant staff, industry stakeholders, and New Hampshire Fish and Game were all involved in the creation of questions for the survey. This collaboration was especially pertinent for Bradt.

Many of the survey questions are identical, but the final two surveys differ slightly. While the survey distributed in New Hampshire focuses solely on lobster sales, fishermen with direct sales licenses in Rhode Island sell all kinds of seafood, so the latter survey accommodates for this additional experience.

Kotowicz also found difficulty in being unable to reach fishermen who had participated in the March 2020 pilot program, but who had not renewed direct sales licenses and were therefore untraceable. Other factors, like delays in funding and employee absences related to the pandemic, slowed distribution of the survey.

One of the few positives to emerge from the pandemic, and even climate change, is the emphasis on and increase in the power of local food and community connections. When supply chains broke down during the pandemic there was still a steady supply of delicious seafood being harvested by fishermen and shellfishermen across the Cape. That harvest continues and along with the myriad health and economic benefits eating local seafood provides, it also reduces our carbon footprint and builds resilient coastal communities.

You can help support local fishermen by purchasing seafood directly from permitted fishermen at the dock or from local fish markets and restaurants that are doing curbside pick up or local delivery. Watch this video from Division of Marine Fisheries to understand the importance of your seafood purchase and how direct sales to the public work.

Trying to sell lobster on their own is a departure from the traditional route, where fishermen send the majority of their catch to the United States. The direct-to-consumer approach still represents only a fraction of sales.

The uncertainty is a worry for exporters. With the big Christmas market set to begin next week, they cannot give buyers with big orders a price because they don't know what they'll be paying when larger quantities become available as fishermen sell lobster they're now storing.

Fishing by its nature is always in flux, as are the different seafoods that can be purchased directly from fishing boats on Cape Cod. Dockside fish sales can be found at harbors in Harwich, Orleans, Provincetown, Chatham, and Yarmouth, with new vessels and locations added regularly. You can also order freshly harvested shellfish online from the Chatham Shellfish Company, which is selling oysters of all sizes, mussels, littlenecks, steamers via local pickup at their Barn Hill Road location in Chatham.

Since we are family owned and operated, we buy directly from our fisherman at our wharf. Your lobster will come directly from the ocean to you with less handling and traveling. This method helps keep lobsters lively and flavorful.

Here at Dorr Lobster we pride ourselves on our quality. Our lobsters are caught daily, directly from the cold Atlantic water in Downeast Maine. Once lobsters arrive from our boats, they are brought to our packing facility. They are then placed in our ocean water storage tank that circulates the fresh, 38 degree salt water and which better prepares them for shipment. Unlike other lobster companies, we are directly on the coast of Maine and our ocean water is in a constant circulation motion cycle. Other companies create artificial sea water to be used as their salt water living environment for their lobsters. After being in artificial salt water tanks, lobsters will lose their freshness taste.

Milligan's Fisheries is a third generation, family owned seafood broker dealing in lobster, rock and snow crab, mackerel, herring, tuna, and ground fish. They buy directly from local fishermen and seafood dealers.

North Bay Fisherman's Coop sells the highest quality lobster, mackerel, herring, tuna and halibut, purchased from its members. The Coop's members strive to supply the freshest and highest quality fish they can and the Coop in turn provides the highest quality to their customers.

Ocean Blue Fisheries Ltd. is a family owned company from Atlantic Canada that has been in the import/export business of lobster, snow crab, whelks, mussels, capelin, mackerel and other seafood products for more than 20 years.

Buyers purchase through the app, are notified when their fish has been caught and then pick it up from restaurants that function as pick-up points. Blue Lobster only works with low-impact fishermen, who receive two to four times as much for their catch through the app as they would from wholesalers.

Ask someone from Maine for their favorite lobster spot, and chances are Beal's Lobster Pier will come up. The wholesale fish and lobster business began operating in Southwest Harbor, Maine in 1932, and it added a restaurant in 1969. This kit comes with one pound of lobster meat, four brioche buns, Beal's Buttah and Mayo, and two small bags of potato chips. Fresh crab meat can be added for an additional fee.

This Luke's Lobster kit combines two delicious summer offerings: lobster rolls and blueberry pie. The seven-inch pie is made with Wyman's wild Maine blueberries and comes from beloved Portland bakery Two Fat Cats. The pound of lobster knuckle and claw meat is flash-frozen to ensure it's fresh when it arrives.

If Oprah and Gayle King endorse something, you know it's worth trying. The dynamic duo gave this set of two lobster white truffle pizzas and two lobster pot pies their seal of approval. The kit comes from the Kennebunk Inn in Maine, whose chefs/owners met as students at the Culinary Institute of America. They have since appeared on "Best Thing I Ever Ate," "Chopped," "Rewrapped," and "Beat Bobby Flay" on the Food Network and on the Travel Channel's "Food Paradise." 041b061a72


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