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Find Duplicate Files Mac App ##TOP##

The bad news is that duplicate files are eating up space on your Mac, potentially causing your Mac to slow down and perform poorly. The good news is that you can easily get rid of duplicate files with just a couple of clicks using a duplicate file finder for Mac.

Find Duplicate Files Mac App


A duplicate file finder or duplicate file remover is a piece of software to automate the process of finding and removing duplicate files. We tested a dozen of popular duplicate file finders for Mac and picked the best ones. They vary in performance, ease of use, cost, etc. Below are the reviews.

Using advanced algorithms, this app identifies duplicate files by content, regardless of filename. It finds duplicate photos, songs, videos, Word documents, PDFs, presentations, archives and all other types duplicate files. It also finds similar photo files with adjustable similarity level.

Supporting Mac and external storage devices, Cisdem Duplicate Finder can find duplicate files in one folder/drive or in and across multiple locations. It also supports scanning Photos, iPhoto, Music and iTunes for duplicates.

This app displays the found duplicate files for you to view and automatically selects all duplicates for you to remove with a click. Or, you can decide which files to delete by choosing a selection rule or selecting manually.

You can use the app to scan folders, the Photos app or the Music app on your Mac for duplicate pictures, duplicate songs and other duplicate files. If you select the Scan for similar files option in Preferences, it will also find similar images and audios, but the scan will take a significantly longer time.

You can manually select unwanted duplicates for removal or let Gemini 2 do that for you. The removed files will go to Trash by default. The Search functionality on the top right corner let you search for specific files with file names quickly.

Both modes can search for duplicate files on Mac, including duplicates in folders, Photos and Music. And both provide a number of criteria and options for you to configure. Each search requires at least a little configuration regardless of the mode used. For some users, this may be more overwhelming than useful.

In the test, I used Tidy Up 6 to scan a folder where duplicate files did exit. But the scan failed, and a No items were found message popped up. I tried a few times until it scanned properly. This can be a little annoying.

Its results window displays all the duplicate files that have been found. In each group of duplicate files, you can select all but one to remove. If there are many groups, you can use the Auto Select feature to avoid manual selection. One downside of its search results window is that certain file types such as Word documents cannot be previewed directly within the application.

It has ten scan modes, which is impressive. To find general duplicate files, you can use these modes: SHA256 + FileSize, Byte-by-Byte Comparison and Filename Only (fast scan). In the test, I used the SHA256 + FileSize mode to search a folder on my Mac, it found all duplicates and one false positive.

This freeware app has three scan modes: Standard, Music and Picture. Each mode has different scan options. The Standard mode allows you to identify general duplicate files by content or name. Identifying by content can find duplicate files with different names.

Dedicated to working with image files, the Picture mode can help you find duplicate image files. There are a few options available for this mode. For example, you can set the Filter hardness. If the Filter hardness is less than 100, dupeGuru will also find similar pictures.

In addition to duplicate files, MacKeeper offers an option to detect similar photo files. You can set the Match Level to Low, Medium or High. Note that enabling this option can make the scan painfully slow.

Mac Photos Duplicates: macOS Venture Photos app has built in duplicates finder feature. In the Photos app on your Mac, click on Duplicates in the sidebar. Then you are able to select duplicate photos to merge. Apple will automatically keep the best version of the duplicate images and delete others for you.

I'm happy with my old iMac in general, but it has little space left. I tried the app you recommended. It found tons of duplicate photos and other duplicates and freed up gigabytes of space. It's amazing.

In so far tried Cisdem DuplicateFinder and giving it a 5*. Except I was using an unregistered version of the sofeware and thus I can't get it to delete the duplicates. Any chance of a discount coupon? :)

These files take up a bonkers amount of storage, make your file system messy, and confuses the hell out of us when we want to find a specific file. Do you recall when you tried to edit one photo but edited another, similar photo? Well, I do, and I regret it.

In there, you can set up the kind of file list you would like to look out for and the type of files you would like to list. Finder will do all the work from there, and it will come up with a list of all files on your Mac.

Yes, Apple has added a nifty feature to macOS Ventura in the Photos app that detects duplicate photos and videos for you. In the Photos app, simply click Duplicates in the sidebar. You will see any duplicates automatically appear here as above image, and you can delete or merge them.

Duplicate files and similar files are different, you know. But both can be a curse for your storage space at a time. Gemini 2 has a smarter way to recognize and remove similar files from your Mac. The app goes even a step further by listing two similar files. Thanks to its intelligent design, we could see the difference in file size, modified date, or the directory.

This works great if you have a series of burst photos stored in a folder, the difference between them might not be noticeable. However, the space occupied can be significant. With Gemini 2, you can browse through the duplicate photos, pick the ones you want to keep and discard the rest.

In other words, the performance levels offered by Tidy Up 5 is off the charts. Even when you are looking for the most specific files, Tidy Up 5 would not have trouble in helping you find them. Just so you know, you can also change the Source files and Drives from the left sidebars. Altogether, customization is the core element when it comes to Tidy Up 5.

Once it has finished scanning the folder, Nektony Duplicate File Finder shows a pretty colorful graph offering so much information about the duplicate files situation on your Mac. In short, we appreciate the simple UI and design of the tool so much.

Like Gemini 2, Nektony Duplicate File Finder also gives you hints and suggestions. You can also use the Auto Select function to reduce the time you spend on filtering the duplicates. Having said that, the tool offers a lot more customizable options than the other tools.

Most of the features in Nektony Duplicate File Finder are free to use. However, if you want to remove all the duplicate/similar files you have found, you need the Pro version, which costs $19.99 (one-time purchase license).

We should understand that PhotoSweeper has been designed for duplicate photo finding only. For someone with that level of expertise, it is a privilege to have control over the scanning and removal process. Also, you would not end up deleting a vital photograph from the library. By the way, PhotoSweeper improves integration with Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom Classic, and works famously with the latest Capture One Pro 23 and Aperture as well.

If you are looking for an essential duplicate file remover for Mac, you should consider Easy Duplicate Finder. This tool does not have anything fancy to offer here. You have a three-tabbed interface that navigates you in the whole duplicate-finding process. However, we found that the scanning process is comparatively slower than our top picks.

Easy Duplicate Finder is available for both Windows and macOS and is free to use. The trial version provides unlimited scanning and lets you manage 10 groups of duplicate files. You can upgrade by paying $39.95 for 1 computer.

Duplicate Detective is a pretty straightforward duplicate file remover for Mac. It comes from Fiplab, which has developed a number of Mac utilities in the past. Instead of investing in fancy features, this app is trying to offer a seamless experience. You can select the folder, and the app will start the scanning in some time. In the next step, you can review the results as always.

For a simple tool like Duplicate Detective, we think the Review UI is impressive. You can choose between the various viewing modes and easily compare two duplicate files. Even better, Duplicate Detective has separate viewing options for documents, images, music, etc. Although not as smart as Gemini, this app too has a Smart Select option, which is more than sufficient.

While you might be busy cleaning duplicates on your Mac, the fact that you might have plenty of duplicates on your cloud storage might just pass by unnoticed. Cloud Duplicate Finder (CDF) is a web application that lets you remove duplicates from the cloud. It supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Box.

Dupin is an app that manages your duplicate tracks and helps you to delete them. It is compatible with the Finder, iCloud music library, and Apple Music and comes with keyboard shortcuts as well as customizable toolbars.

While most of these apps have a handy interface that makes sure that you do not delete your important files and folders, we really recommend backing up your Mac using Time Machine alternatives or online backup services before trying to remove duplicates. So, even if something goes wrong, you will have a backup or recovery them.

Depending on your line of work you may end up in a scenario where you have a variety of duplicate files on a Mac. Sometimes this goes unnoticed, but occasionally the Mac will run low on storage space and you might want to free up space by finding and removing those duplicate files from the Mac. Thankfully, finding duplicate files on macOS is not nearly as hard as you may think.


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