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FULL Resistor.Color.Bands.v1.0-ROGUEl

The 800 Series is also equipped with vocals which enable it to replicate any human speech pattern of which it has heard an adequate specimen. It does this by recording and storing syllables of the subjects' voices, which it then replays and uses to digitally synthesize their speech patterns. The T-800's auditory sensors are located upon either side of its head, where human ears would be. One sensor records the full range of external sounds, while the other can automatically filter signals to within a narrow range for a specific auditory signal.

FULL Resistor.Color.Bands.v1.0-ROGUEl

For power source, the power cell of early models of the T-800 Terminator could allow a T-800 unit to operate at full power for twenty-four hours per day for 1,095 days[10], while the T-800 Version 2.4 has a functional period of 120 years on one power cell.[8]

In an alternate timeline, the US Military (or Cyber Research Systems as shown in the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) use the reverse engineered technology from Cyberdyne Systems to develope the T-800 prior to Judgment Day.[19][20] Hence, the T-800 is fully operational in 2010s in both T2 Saga and Terminator Salvation timeline.

So what I heard was a bit warm, but it was a warmth coming from density, not from treble roll off, presentation. The RSA-V10 amplifier sounded dense and full. The drums of Tony Allen from the Rejoice album, which I mentioned in the review, sounded in a swinging way, but with a broken rhythm, which is so characteristic for this album. Hugh Masekela's flugelhorn was slightly darker than with my system, but only just a bit. It was also placed slightly closer to me. Importantly, the fullness of this recording and its dynamics were well shown. 076b4e4f54


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