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Anwar Masood Poetry Books Pdf

Anwar Masood Poetry Books Pdf

Anwar Masood is a renowned Pakistani poet who writes in Urdu, Punjabi and Persian. He is known for his humorous, satirical and lyrical poetry that touches upon various aspects of life, society and culture. He has published several poetry books in different languages, some of which are available in PDF format online.

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of some of his poetry books and their contents, as well as the links to download them in PDF format. We will also share some of his famous poems and videos for the readers to enjoy.


Deewar-e-Girya-Ashar Ke Peechhe

This is a collection of Anwar Masood's Urdu ghazals, published in 1997. The title means "Behind the Wall of Tears". The book contains 26 ghazals that express the poet's emotions, thoughts and experiences in a poetic and elegant manner. Some of the themes that he explores in this book are love, loss, nostalgia, faith, hope and despair.

The book can be downloaded from [here].

Mela Akhiyan Da

This is a collection of Anwar Masood's Punjabi poems, published in 1974. The title means "The Fair of Eyes". The book contains 12 poems that showcase the poet's mastery of Punjabi language and culture. He uses humor, wit and sarcasm to comment on various social issues, such as education, politics, religion, marriage and gender. He also celebrates the beauty and diversity of Punjabi culture and heritage.

The book can be downloaded from [here].

Roz Ba-Roz

This is a collection of Anwar Masood's Urdu nazms, published in 2010. The title means "Day by Day". The book contains 3 nazms that reflect the poet's observations and opinions on the contemporary world and its challenges. He addresses topics such as terrorism, corruption, media and globalization. He also expresses his hopes and aspirations for a better future.

The book can be downloaded from [here].


This is a collection of Anwar Masood's Persian poems, published in 1997. The title means "The Ceremony". The book contains 15 poems that demonstrate the poet's proficiency and love for Persian language and literature. He pays tribute to some of the great Persian poets, such as Rumi, Hafez, Saadi and Khayyam. He also explores themes such as spirituality, mysticism, wisdom and morality.

The book can be downloaded from [here].

Some Famous Poems and Videos by Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood is not only a prolific writer but also a popular performer. He has recited his poems at various national and international platforms, such as Mushairas, literary festivals and TV shows. His poems are enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, as they are full of humor, wisdom and emotion. Here are some of his famous poems and videos that you can watch online:

  • [Bunyan]: This is one of his most famous Punjabi poems that narrates the story of a poor vendor who sells bangles (bunyan) in different cities. The poem is full of hilarious puns, rhymes and metaphors that describe the vendor's adventures and misfortunes.

  • [Lassi Te Cha]: This is another one of his popular Punjabi poems that compares the two common drinks of Punjab: lassi (yogurt drink) and cha (tea). The poem is full of witty comparisons and contrasts that highlight the differences between the two drinks and their effects on the drinkers.

  • [Anar Kali Diyan Shana]: This is a humorous Punjabi poem that imagines what would happen if Anar Kali, the legendary courtesan who was buried alive by Emperor Akbar for her love affair with Prince Salim, was alive today. The poem is full of funny references to modern culture and technology that contrast with the historical setting.

  • [Urdu Se Ho Kyun Bezaar]: This is a humorous Urdu poem that criticizes the trend of using English words and phrases in Urdu speech and writing. The poem is full of examples of how English words are misused and mispronounced by Urdu speakers, and how they ruin the beauty and purity of Urdu language.

  • [Yehi To Dosto Le De Ke Mera Business Hai]: This is a satirical Urdu poem that mocks the corruption and dishonesty of businessmen and traders. The poem is full of examples of how they cheat and deceive their customers, and how they justify their actions by saying that this is their business.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Anwar Masood and his poetry. If you want to read more of his poems, you can visit [Rekhta], a website that provides a comprehensive collection of Urdu poetry, including Anwar Masood's works. You can also watch more of his videos on [YouTube], where you can find many of his recitations and interviews.


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