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Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived Free Downlo...

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Interrogation: You will be deceived Free Downlo...

Provided that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce 510 graphics card you can play the game. You will need at least 2 GB of free disk space to install Interrogation: You will be deceived. The minimum memory requirement for Interrogation: You will be deceived is 4 GB of RAM installed in your computer. To play Interrogation: You will be deceived you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz.

Hi, just listening to the health care discussion. I am American, live in BC Canada. I don't know where these doctors got their info but Canadian health care sucks!. Yes it is cheap, yes you can go to a walk in clinic and not pay.But there is such a shortage of doctors it can be impossible to get a family doctor or you may have to wait and keep calling various doctors to see if they take new patients. Once you do get a doctor you really can't change as others are 'waiting' to get a doctor so since you've landed one no one wants you to change with so many waiting to find a doctor in the first place.Then try and get into a specialist, dermatologist, neurologist or anything else. It could be months and months. Try and get a hip replacement or MRI could be months or years! Try and get more extensive lab tests for special problems. Forget it. So those are some of the many drawbacks of Canadian Health care. And unlike the States there are no 'free clinics' or sliding scale doctors or dentists like I experienced living in Arizona where they have compassion and will lower their rates if you have no health care. No, they don't dare do that here espcially dentists. So yes I appreciate that I can go to a walk in clinic or my doctor once I get one but one could drop dead before getting the care you really need. I found the health care when I lived in the States with no health insurance to be excellent. I'm talking of course just basic health care but I could get so many free services and get good care at the local health clinic never paid more than $20.00. There is a lot in place in the States if you don't have health insurance. And my clients who did have health insurance got 100% quicker and more thorough care then here in Canada.

I believe I'd be getting at the crux of a sorry misconception if I stated that Bruce Fein's premise of a "(paranoid) psychology of empire" is way off track from reality. (Mark Danner's positing of a "split personality" between democracy at home and humanitarian intervention abroad is even farther from historical truth.) The same "rubicon" has repeatedly been crossed without accountability throughout US history. Some look back to posit a conquering racism of "us and them" where destiny became manifest, but such genocidal results became more and more symptomatic of an oligarchical intent over time. (Let's not discuss here the "good war" in Europe where our financial elite created Hitler in the same way they later made Marcos, Somoza, the Shah and Saddam Hussein and the ever popular Osama bin Laden, and in which many key corporations profited on both sides of the front lines.)Let's do talk about Vietnam and Iraq where the public was bullied and deceived in order for the oligarchy to profit. Let's discuss how right now they can't afford for Al Quieda or the Taliban to go away for fear the liquidity in arms and drug dealing will seize up like the credit sectors. (How the very terrorists we fear may be manufactured and supported through our intelligence agencies.) Let's talk about extraordinary rendition, and how innocents were raped with electric prods in Egypt at elite US bidding. Let's talk about how the DEA and our military dance daily with the disembowelling and hide frying cartel and police thugs to keep our second biggest industry (after arms dealing) profitable in Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan. (Let's recall the sick smirk on George Bush's face as he described (the profitability of) "human trafficking" before the UN, as he fantasized about the poor (delicious suffering of the women and children.) 041b061a72


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