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The Legends and Myths of the Demigoddess Book I

She is destined for a greater purpose.

Cover Design By
Liana Moisescu

Sabine is a well-known fiction-fantasy novelist who avoids people like the plague, not her fault just the cards dealt her. Her background suggests her mother died giving birth to her, and her father wouldn't keep her, or at least that's what her file says.

All her life, she's been different, and no one could tell her why, and that was good enough for her. Staying close to her best friend Aiden is her life.

A quiet life was manageable until Demetri, a powerful and dangerously handsome mage, and Roman, an alluring and seductive incubus kidnap her.  They tell her who she is, a Nymph, a maiden who thrives in the forest, rivers, and nature. Well, that makes sense, and Sabine is grateful for the enlightenment only these are the kinds of things she writes about in her fantasy stories, not real life.

The two throw her into a world that she's only created on paper with love and danger lurking at each turn.

The most important question is will she survive or step in the crossfire of a raging war where she's the missing piece.

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