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Cover Design By
Owen Oakley

Grand Isle, Louisiana, a picturesque island for tourist attraction, holds more than what the eye can see. A powerful coven filled with antediluvian supernatural beings lives among society without drawing attention to themselves. Easy for most, but when the coven has to contend with teenagers and their raging hormones, the task seems impossible. Raylin and his friends, a group of unruly human shapeshifters with a knack for the spotlight, embark upon a dangerous journey from which they can’t turn back.


Turning eighteen isn’t all about freedom for this group of friends, but choosing an eternal purpose and sticking with their decision. However, the group of misfits senses that Eve and the other council members haven’t been completely honest about the life they live and the coven’s past.


Unexplained disappearances and dubious genetic testings occur on all Chameleons. Raylin and his clan take matters into their own hands to set things back into balance and put an end to the mysterious happenings. Finding out the coven’s secrets may prove easy, but waging war against ancient supernatural leaders will be brutal.


In this fantastical story, family has nothing to do with blood, but everything to do with loyalty.

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