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Louisiana Speakeasy Front Cover.png

Cover Design By

Owen Oakley

Sex, Lies, & Betrayal

Come in and explore the provocative world of a southern speakeasy. If you have an invitation, can solve the riddle for entrance, and find the ever-changing location then you’re in. Helena, a meek and dull journalist, who’s given one more chance to prove herself to her boss, or she’s fired.

The only problem is she’s not adventurous enough for something exciting to happen. Just as she’s about to give up, an email appears, inviting her to become a member of a mysterious speakeasy. Thinking it’ll be a controversial story to cover, she goes but discovers more than she bargains for.

The situation grows complicated when she catches the eye of both of the club’s owners. Their feud and hatred for each other intensify when Helena joins.

She may have gotten the story of a lifetime, but all seems small when her heart and life are on the line. Now she must figure out how to make it out with the story of her generation or become the story.

But anything can happen in the Big Easy.

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