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The Laws of Chaos_ebook.jpg

Cover Design by
Owen Oakley

Chaos Begets Chaos

You know those corrupt lawyers who bribe judges, look the other way when a crime is committed, and break every rule meant to sustain order? I’m neither of those. I’m much worse.
My father’s only wish for me was to stay out of trouble. Well, that’s hard to do when he worked for the mafia my entire life, along with the De Luca name that proceeds itself. Now I owe the mob. Trust me, you never want to owe them anything. Big Tony has stepped down and his son Tino has taken over as the leader of M9. He’s ruthless as he is gorgeous.
He wants me and he doesn’t care about my mixed heritage, and I’ve fallen into his trap. If I’m not careful, instead of defending clients, I’ll need an attorney of my own. I’d like to think my tasks will be easy, but Tino isn’t my only problem. He’s assigned me his twin brother, who is equally hot and an infuriating badass, who doesn’t want to show me the ropes.
It’s funny because defending the law has always come easy for me, but now so has starting chaos.
I am Maribella De Luca, the rightful boss of Jersey City.
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