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The Power of Chaos Cover_EBOOK.jpg

Cover Design by
Owen Oakley

Power Over All

They say it’s lonely at the top; they were right. Ever since the betrayal that led to the takeover of M9, everyone has been gunning for the Queen of Jersey. Luckily, I’ve surrounded myself with badass and protective as hell men. However, it does nothing to help me find out who’s following me and keeping the many secrets I possess.

Now we’re headed to Italy for a business venture that turns into a nightmare. My grandfather thinks he can treat me as a pawn in the game that he's plotted to correct my father, leaving him in the past. And now I have to remind dear granddad that the queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard.


Added to my list of problems, I stand accused of murdering the biggest boss in the old country and the council has placed a price on our heads that will make anyone not hesitate to kill us. With everything that's happening, my guys are constantly at each other’s throats, making things difficult.

All we have to do is clear our names and get the hell out of Sicily, if it's possible. But I'm no fool and I know never to get comfortable in the presence of ambitious men. If I've learned nothing else about being a boss, I've learned to keep my heart covered and pray like hell the other person's aim is off. 

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